Soul Treatments

Thai Soul Body Massages

Thai Massage ServicesTraditional Thai Massage : 60 minutes $75 
90 minutes $110

Well known in Thai as “Nuad Thai or Nuad Phan Bhoran”. This massage focuses on acupressure points and gentle body stretching along the body’s energy flow channels. It is designed to re-awaken the body’s energy flow and release muscle tension. 

Thai Herbal Compress Massage (Luk Pra Kob) : 60 minutes $95
90 minutes $135

"Luk Pra Kob"  is an original blend of Thai massage using the classic Thai healing herbal packs. Whilst the acupressure works on the meridian lines, the heated herbal compress helps to stimulate blood circulation and release the muscle tension. Thai herbal compress can also be used together with the traditional Thai massage or Soul aroma oil massage. In addition ,  it  is  a good healing treatment for post-pregnancy in the Thai way.

Soul Aroma Oil Massage : 60 minutes $80 / 90 minutes $115

We use the finest quality massage oil and pure essential oils. This helps your massage to provide maximum benefits by replenishing your mind, body and soul. You can choose from a wide selection of scented oils and then relax and leave the rest to us.

a. Soul Relaxation
Relax with a soothing massage and beautiful aromas that will take away your stress and anxiety. This is a gentle and smooth full body massage. It not only relaxes your mind, but it is also recommended for your skin and blood circulation.

b. Soul Replenish (Thai + oil Deep Tissue)
The Combination massage is a blend of our Relaxation aroma oil massage  and our  Traditional Thai massage. It helps enable muscles to be relaxed and flexible. It is designed to help you unwind with the natural oils that you choose from our scented oil range to replenish your mind, body and soul.
c. Soul Hot Oil Massage : 60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $135
Relaxing hot oil massage assists to relieve the stress, strains and tensions of the day. Furthermore, Hot oil also can produce a number of benefits from head to toe, it aids to improve circulation in both the head and neck. Additional, it relaxes the scalp and brings oxygenated blood to the roots of the hair thereby strengthening it.

Soul Aroma Warm  Coconut Oil Massage : 60 minutes $90 / 90 minutes $130

Coconut oil is smell amazing like you are in the tropics ,moisturises your skin long after the massage has stopped and it works at removing toxins in your skin and full of antioxidants. Please, choose that you prefer Soul Relaxation or Soul Replenish.

Soul Pregnancy Massage : 60 minutes $80 / 90 minutes $115

During pregnancy,women can suffer from anxiety ,morning sickness, dizzy spells and body pain such as backaches and legs pain.This massage designed for the mother to be help replenish your mind, body and soul during your special time. We use specialised oils such as lemon and orange essentials in the Thai way. 

Soul Aroma Shea Butter Massage :60 minutes $90 / 90 minutes $130

Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A and E. It is an excellent deep, nourishing moisturiser, plus it has anti-oxidants properties.
The massage starts by a full body smooth dry brush that helps to delete dead skin cells and then gives you a relaxing Shea Butter massage.

Soul Aroma Hot Stone Massage: 90 minutes $140

It is a wonderfully relaxing specialty massage. This soothing touch and the relaxing heat add the benefit of deeper work made possible by the heat. The hot stone experience releases tension, warms the body and soothes away stress.

Soul Neck Back & Shoulders Massage : 30 minutes $40/45 minutes $60 /
60 minutes $75  and +$5 with Soul aroma oil

A traditional Thai massage that is designed for your neck, back and shoulders helping relief tension and tight spots in the upper body and can assist in the relief of neck, back and head ache.

Thai Soul Aroma MassageSoul Aroma Foot Massage : 30 minutes $45 /
45 minutes $ 65 / 60 minutes $80

Sit back and enjoy our complete foot massage with scented massage cream. This help with sore feet and tired lower leg muscles and improve blood circulation.

Soul Aroma Foot Massage & Reflexology : 45 minutes $65
60 minutes $80

This is a holistic therapy that applies pressure to specific points of the feet to treat problems in all parts of the body. The benefit and stimulates your body’s own healing and balancing process.

Lady & Gentleman
Soul Natural Facial Treatments

Ladies and gentlemen, time to feat your facial skin with the natural products that we have designed for you. For beautiful facial skin , we recommend you indulge in a treatment every two weeks.

Soul Organic Facial Anti-oxidants : 60 minutes $ 80

The benefits of facial treatments are not only beautiful skin but also relaxation and a retreat for your mind and soul. This treatment uses organic rose hip oil, scented moisturiser and herbal mask. This benefits your facial blood circulation and also has positive effects on facial moisture ,radiance and anti-oxidants.

Coffee Facial Detoxify : 60 minutes $ 90 

Detoxify your face, reduce swelling, De-puff your face, moisturize your face and even give you anti aging benefits all in one facial. 

Express Facial : 30 minutes $50

Facial massage by using drops of organic Rose-hip oil that beneficialy for anti-oxidants and facial relaxation

Lady & Gentleman
Soul Natural Body Treatments

Soul Body Exfoliation : 50 minutes $80

To stay looking young and vital, your body’s skin needs to be taken care of with natural product that help to delete all dead skin cells. The benefits of this treatments are not just your beautiful skin but also improved blood circulation. We recommend you spoil your body’s skin every two weeks.

Thai Soul Natural Rejuvenate

The secret of Thai ladies beautiful skin go back to ancient Thailand where nature's wonders such as  turmeric, jasmine rice, sesame seeds, honey and coconut milk were used for healthy skin and to help with skin damage caused by exposure to the elements. The use of these natural products helped new skin to glow with brightness and moisturise the skin. This treatment is recommended for after sunbathing or hair removal due to its soothing and gentle nature. 

Moisture Coffee Cocos (Coffee & Coconut)

This treatment will help to delete dead skin cells and rough skin and will leave you with clean, smooth, bright and moisturised skin. Coffee and coconut milk are also recommended for those who suffer from dry and rough skin.

Body Exfoliation & Mask : 90 minutes $150

A body exfoliation treatment and body mask made from Thai herbs and a choice of Yellow and Seaweed Clay and treat your body to a cleasing and soothing treat. This a deep nourishing cleanthat will leave your body with clean moisturised and softer skin.  

Thai Soul Detoxify & Refresh

Soul Detoxify Far Infrared Sauna : 30 minutes $45 / 45 minutes $ 55  / 60 minutes 65
(Add $15 surcharge  for 2 person treatment)

Far infrared sauna gives you the benefits of fat –burning, pain and stress relief, is great for the cardiovascular system and is an effective way to detox. Also assists in skin regeneration and helps boost your immune system. The far infrared sauna does not use moisture or smoke commonly found in old style saunas so you can enjoy this treatment whilst reading a book, magazine or relaxing with some music.

Soul Refresh Aroma Bath : 30 minutes $ 45 

Soak your body in the aroma bath with  the beautiful aromas from essential oils  and flowers to help relax your mind and refresh your body and soul. This treatment will also work to improve skin softness through the use of milk and  Epsom salt to target muscle tension.
Please, note : Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

OUR Packages

Soul Energising & Refreshing : 2.30 hours

Was $205 Now $180
- 60 min Soul Aroma Oil Massage or Traditional Thai Massage
- 60 min Soul Organic Facial Anti-oxidants
- 30 min Soul Aroma Bath/30 min Far Infrared Sauna/ 30 min Ear Candling including head neck shoulders.

Soul Healing : 2 hours

Was $185 Now $170
- 90 min Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Soul Aroma Hot Stone Massage or Hot Oil Massage
- 30 min Soul Aroma Bath/30 min Far Infrared Sauna / 30 min Ear Candling including head neck shoulders.

Soul Pampering : 2 hours

Was $175 Now $155
- 60 min Soul Aroma Oil Massage or Traditional Thai Massage
- 30 min Facial Express- 30 Soul Aroma Foot Massage or 30 min Ear Candling including head neck and shoulders.

Soul Body Exfoliation : 1.50 hours

Was $160 Now $145
-  50 min Soul Body scrub (Coffee and Coconut only)
-  60 min Soul Aroma Oil Massage/ 60 min Traditional Thai Massage   
or 60 min Soul Aroma Foot Massage & Reflexology